Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!

This morning I had a conversation with a sister about how wonderful it would be to be engaging the Spirit Realm in full and making use of our spiritual weaponry to serve the Lord.  So often it’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and what we’re capable of during our day to day life … Continue reading Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!


Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip

TARGET: Mars REASON: Because it’s awesome MISSION: Unknown, but bring new recruits, possibly.  Make a big mess, scare a bunch of people. Target Scripture of Meditation: [Isaiah 66] Background music: [Last Bible 3 OST] PRAYER: Lord we come boldly before Your throne of grace today, knowing that you are our life and hope, our only … Continue reading Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip

Some Wild Prophecies from 1.5 Years ago that came TRUE!

This was from November 2015, during a very busy and intense teaching schedule I had out in the countryside where I was able to share a ton of New World Order info with high school students.   Little did I know the Trump Train was coming, and those messages would no longer be deemed fringe. … Continue reading Some Wild Prophecies from 1.5 Years ago that came TRUE!

Prophetic Dreams and Spirit-Travels!

Some times dreams are obviously missions that we are engaging.  I like how the Lord calls some of these "scoping" or "sniping."   Don't ever doubt that the Lord doesn't use you when you dream! Dream 1: I was in a great big hall with a bunch of other Christians and the enemy was lining … Continue reading Prophetic Dreams and Spirit-Travels!

New Spirit World Power with Carmel: SpiritWars 000000020

Sister Carmel and I begin a trek through the Spirit World through the little known "MO Letters" of yesteryear.  This one deals with Spirit Helpers. Spirit Helpers are also a New Weapon of the End for the Church that only now seem to be brought more into focus.  Tactically and strategically it makes perfect sense … Continue reading New Spirit World Power with Carmel: SpiritWars 000000020

Release The Floyd! SPIRITWARS 000000004

In the recent expeditions into the outer realms of the Spirit and the Internet, I came across a dear brother named Tony Floyd.  His stories and testimonies are controversial to say the least. . .   if you cannot receive his experiences, at least feel the love of God in his spirit.  DOWNLOAD IF YOU DARE! … Continue reading Release The Floyd! SPIRITWARS 000000004