Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place #Millenials 8

After many long lonely but spirit-charged days wandering Tokyo and encountering so many supernatural miracles, I found myself standing in a place that defied all logic.  A homeschooling missionary home filled with English speaking families resembling my cousins and siblings.   I mean, it was all there - the sense of love, humility and humor all [...]


Make Everything Great Again! MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN With the populist uprising, what about the awakening of the rest of the spheres of culture?  Let's pray the CIA-induced ugly art gets tackled and flushed down the toilet finally! I infiltrated a Taiwanese art university filled with modern monster marvels, and went on a long ramble on the nature [...]


   This here be the 2nd SpiritWars Broadcast.  Audio issues persist but alas, we do not fight in vain.  I, Michael Basham, interview Stephen Lee who has just returned back from a journey into the mountainous Nepal where he encountered many miracles.  We also discuss the power of healing and taking authority over sickness. Stephen [...]