Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place #Millenials 8

After many long lonely but spirit-charged days wandering Tokyo and encountering so many supernatural miracles, I found myself standing in a place that defied all logic.  A homeschooling missionary home filled with English speaking families resembling my cousins and siblings.   I mean, it was all there - the sense of love, humility and humor all … Continue reading Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place #Millenials 8



Unfortunately I’ve arrived to the point where, not that I’m too big but I’m too busy.  I like to be small.  You have to be a baby to enter into the Kingdom.  My theory is that instead of being a baby in understanding that we can be like hobbits who are humble enough to receive … Continue reading THE PARADIGM OF THE PARANORMAL #Millennials 4

Spiritual Warfare Journeying #Millenials 3

At age 33 now I write this, sensing the wild culmination of all that has led up to today and thinking about who will take the torch of discipleship for this next decade.  You all face something I never did, and will need to adapt to a totally new wild climate of mental anarchy that … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare Journeying #Millenials 3