Heavenly Star Children in Taiwan Mountains

The mission continues as the warriors continue their campaign to bring Heavenly love and light to those who are poor and neglected deep in the heart of Taiwan in a village called Luona!  Pray for not only their material and physical well being but also a deep spiritual renewal and cleansing!


Wild Clowns Attack Taiwan Aboriginal Village

Pray for the Villagers who have locally been suddenly and without warning attacked and invaded by missionary clowns!  Amazingly they seem happy. . .   I was able to converse with the elder generation in Japanese.

The AI Grid Awakening Dream

First I dreamt very intensely about situations going on in the Whitehouse and I was talking with Donald Trump and encouraging him, although I cannot remember the details. Then I was with my family driving around the countryside putting together some goofy movie projects and they turned into some really high quality films, although my … Continue reading The AI Grid Awakening Dream


The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23

Neville Johnson's prophecy from last year is coming true.   The Church is in major Dire Straits right now, but that is due to come to a close August 1st.   Then we have other major things going on in the sky, coming this September 23rd.   Come join Kassondra and Daniel and I as … Continue reading The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23


Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place #Millenials 8

After many long lonely but spirit-charged days wandering Tokyo and encountering so many supernatural miracles, I found myself standing in a place that defied all logic.  A homeschooling missionary home filled with English speaking families resembling my cousins and siblings.   I mean, it was all there - the sense of love, humility and humor all … Continue reading Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place #Millenials 8


Dream About Captured Death Star and Healing Alex Jones

Woke up busy as usual, but listening to infowars this morning saying “enemy is in full retreat” made me think again - my dream was interesting with mixes of starwars and metal gear. There was this Death Star that was being displayed as to how big it was - far bigger than our moon, and … Continue reading Dream About Captured Death Star and Healing Alex Jones


Talked with Truth Seekah!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et9h28OueRk Had a great time talking with David Grosskurth of the TruthSeekah podcast!  You MUST check out his show, it's amazing how many cool people he's interviewed and he even knows Ian Clayton and many other mystic Christians...