Antarctica Base Dream . . . and Alien Covenant Confirmed!

What could this be a warming for? Will we soon be facing demonically charged super entities? The twin snakes could really only mean one thing. . . .


This morning I shared a dream I had last night:

A base being built in Antarctica in the harsh cold, so we could simulate a space station somewhere on another planet.  Alex Jones was there and people were sort of just having a good time, and drinking beer.  I had hastily grabbed a bunch of jackets to pack, not really sure if it was warm enough.  People from my family seemed to be there too as there was a mixup in my dream between my house in Florida and the base.

Outisde it was sunny while they were loading people into these large tubes to endure the harsh winter, but the sunshine was strong enough you could endure the outdoor temperature.   When we were locked in there however horrible thing started to happen.

At first it was pretty fun and felt like camping out with a…

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We Need Your Ingenuity!

Every once in a while you’ll come across something that will make you blink and think twice in the most random place.  You’re at a Yankees baseball game, and someone starts witnessing to you about the Gospel.  Or you’re at church and there’s a yoga guru or a witch visiting — (or infiltrating).   Sometimes [...]



What does Christianity have to do with video games?  FIND OUT!



Super Plexis is a 16-bit tribute to classic puzzle fighters like Tetris Attack, the Puzzle League series, and Meteos, set in a fantasy world designed to recapture the sights and sounds of old-school Super Nintendo games. Featuring a cast of characters with their own unique abilities, a full world map packed with unlockables, and a robust multiplayer environment for competitive matchmaking; Super Plexis is both a breath of fresh air for casual players, and a twist on the formula for veterans seeking a fast-paced, skill-based puzzle game.

  • Hand-drawn, frame-by-frame pixel art animation! No splines, tweens, or tricks here. In the world of Len, characters use sound and instruments to control their boards. Look at them go!
  • Fast and freeform gameplay! This ain’t your grandma’s match-3 puzzle game. Swap blocks freely to set up…

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The God Hand with the New Weapons and Gates Within


The picture I am trying to draw is of a hand, each finger representing these networks:

The Info War,Fringe Christianity, The Family, Mysticism, and Covenant or Foundational Christianity.

Within this hand there is a ring with these names inscribed thereupon representing the New Weapons:

New Weapons of the Spirit plus Starlion

  1. Prayer
  2. Spirit Trips.
  3. Prophecy
  4. Spirit Helpers
  5. Keys of the Kingdom
  6. Loving Jesus
  7. The Word

Then within this finally is a chart that is becoming more and more famous, which Ian Clayton preaches on.   There are the senses, the gates of the subconscious realms and finally reaching inwards to the Glory of God phase.

In other words, it’s looking more and more like the Kingdom of God really IS within, and we can access Him by our will and worship and other gates, etc.

There are obviously many more layers and fingers and weapons and gates I am not aware of, but for the sake of practically…

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