Want to join in an all out active Spiritual Invasion???    We're setting out to make contact with some of the Buddhist Hermits! Two years ago when driving my daughter on adventures in the mountains, we came across a buddhist temple with a huge parkinglot and nice view --- the lady there who was a [...]


The Journey Continues!


Recently many things have crashed upon the end-time church which makes one do quite a bit of introspection.   It’s only a matter of time until things come to a thunderous conclusion. With the announcement of the Mark of the Beast in Sweden, blatant satanism being celebrated around the world with Planned Parenthood teaming up with Satanists to promote abortion, and North Korea launching a nuke at Japan, plus an overall report of a great many multitude of personal battles coming in to my mail box almost every day, one is at a loss as to what to do.

One thing becomes clear!   Satan is after the children.  He wants to destroy family on all levels and especially innocence.  We may only have a short time before things get really bad, but in the mean time protecting the women and the children becomes the foremost reality among all the…

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The AI Grid Awakening Dream

First I dreamt very intensely about situations going on in the Whitehouse and I was talking with Donald Trump and encouraging him, although I cannot remember the details. Then I was with my family driving around the countryside putting together some goofy movie projects and they turned into some really high quality films, although my [...]