Dreams of Giant Dome-Shaped Starbases on Earth Created

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Last night had a dream a bunch of friends moved in with us in a new fancy house in Hawaii that had plenty of space for kids to play on the porch and yard.   The water in the kitchen broke and I was looking for the pump to turn it off, after unplugging some dangerous electric devices in the pool of water.  I went out on the street and found a bunch of young boys playing video games in a little game store.  The house was a bit old but very beautiful and I kept checking every inch of it an thinking how we could use it.

Later I was traveling across a far away country on a bus with some kids, and visited a bunch of random churches to see if any of them had the Holy Spirit.   The first few were ok but nothing special.   I checked a…

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Latest SpiritWars With Tony Floyd “The Commander”

Warriors Without Borders

I haven’t had a chance to edit these but they are here for the open minded spirit warrior to become inspired about the vast battles taking place constantly in that realm!


Moving about the battle field my heart began to become weary of battle so I called Zeb to my side . Zeb please watch over the battle on my front I shall return my friend . Off into the heavens I turned Midnight as he flew my heart pondered the things that were happening to me in the spirit and the flesh . How the last two days so many warring Angels had come in and were waiting on deployment ,it was really getting to be more then I could handle. Midnight flew toward a garden and had now arrived and it was that fast . I leaped from his back took…

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The Book of Enoch and the Canonicity of Scripture

This paper will argue to explain the reasons the Book of Enoch was not included in the Canonization of the Bible. Outline E-Nugger: A History. I. Introduction During the explosion of information sharing in the last two decades, a very intriguing extra-Biblical book has become more and more the subject of interest among open-minded Christians … Continue reading The Book of Enoch and the Canonicity of Scripture

The Big Picture on AIDS and Same-Sex Marriage

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This is a response to the below thread:

In this era, same-sex marriage is recognized as a human and civil rights issue, thereby making this topic a political, social, and religious concern. Moreover, it seems that we must accept this model of same-sex marriage, at least to a certain extent, to be relatively proficient in a legislative modification to the marriage laws, such as a court ruling based upon certain constitutional guarantees, or a direct popular vote, or initiatives and/or referendums. Moreover, the notion that two people of the same-sex claim they are in love and intend to marry seems to be an issue that is exceedingly common and widespread according to the reports of individual jurisdictions around the United States who are posting their statistical finding concerning these particular issues. The primary allies of same-sex marriage are human rights and civil rights activists in addition to the medical and…

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