“River of Life” Ship, Star-Lion!

The StarLion craft is a long running series of visions we are finally releasing, stay tuned for SpiritWars ascents and descents released every other day on Spiritwarsmedia.com Revelation 22:1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. Shared … Continue reading “River of Life” Ship, Star-Lion!


Holly Baglio on the Super Soldier Program!

Thank you so much Michael and the k you so much to Fringe Radio! I deeply appreciate your show but also the platform you gave to me to speak my testimony. This is one of my favorite Interviews and I really enjoyed talking to you and your viewers! YHVH bless yoi, Fringe Radio, and all your loved ones in YESHUAs Name, Selah

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Dreams of Giant Dome-Shaped Starbases on Earth Created

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Last night had a dream a bunch of friends moved in with us in a new fancy house in Hawaii that had plenty of space for kids to play on the porch and yard.   The water in the kitchen broke and I was looking for the pump to turn it off, after unplugging some dangerous electric devices in the pool of water.  I went out on the street and found a bunch of young boys playing video games in a little game store.  The house was a bit old but very beautiful and I kept checking every inch of it an thinking how we could use it.

Later I was traveling across a far away country on a bus with some kids, and visited a bunch of random churches to see if any of them had the Holy Spirit.   The first few were ok but nothing special.   I checked a…

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