Re-Ignition into the Spirit!

Going through the door of the Spirit is something people literally fear almost as much as death, simply because it is a death of sorts.  You lose control of what you’re going to find out there.  Giving up and letting God do things in your life is usually the last thing anyone wants.  The Devil seems to promise more “godhood.”  However the paradox is if you go through the dark door of the dregs of the spiritual realm into witchcraft and Satanism, you become a slave to deception.  In God’s realm, even if what you see isn’t the full picture yet, He is always leading you to greater and broader realms of pure and absolute freedom.

One reason a lot of us end up dreaming and seeing visions of Spirit Craft is because we are still pioneering outward into a new civilization of the Spiritual domain.  The Kingdom of God is here now with us, inside of us, but we do not see all things brought under His dominion yet.  There is a sort of migration into the New World which people who I know that are pioneers are willing to risk it all to cross the great Atlantic divide- to find this promised land not of America but the America that is above – the New Jerusalem.  There are pirates and treacherous captains you can’t trust everywhere but at the same time, the thrill of the possibility of interfacing with That Kingdom is so great, how can you stop?  There are those of us who become junkies for the Spirit and we simply cannot stay away from Her for long.  Once you taste and see the reality that the Lord is good, you always want to go back for more.

The Bible states clearly that you have to be converted and become as little children to enter into the Kingdom of HEaven,  otherwise you won’t be able to go there at all.  This is the key that most people miss, because they want to bring with them all their sophistication and education and earthly merit with them when they enter that realm.   However the economic system of Heaven works entirely different, with new ethereal substances Wall Street never heard of such as Faith being the currency.  The greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all, so humility is another badge of honor to which the angels all bow.  The biggest laugh are the so-called experts who go around festooning themselves as the experts and lords of Heaven.  They look more embarassing than your grandparents on social media and those of us who know the joy and the thrill of the Spirit really just want to stay clear of all such folk.

Proverbs says that Wisdom is the chief and most principal thing, therefore in all that you seek to obtain, get Wisdom.  We are not simply intelligence gatherers of Heaven but sometimes having a tip or an unction to go a certain direction can help you get started. 

I may be prompted now to start out with some old friends I know who travel —  Atlanta and Enoch.   Last I knew they were hanging out on the Blade Ship and there was first a meeting with Jesus regarding our future wars which would result in felling some of the dragon lords of Asia as well as teaching kids how to engage in the spiritual warfare utilizing a technology Tony Floyd “The Commander” calls the Stingrays.

Sound like badly written teenage fan-fiction?  That’s because we are setting the bar low.   We are not competing with the high art of writing novels and literature, but putting out there a very easily traceable rough sketch of ways you can see and engage with that realm.  For some people it helps to start with a vision of a specific item.   Let’s say you see a tree.  Imagine its branches and the colors of its leaves.  What kind of fruit is growing from it?  Last time I saw a tree I heard a voice say “cut it down” and a big war started involving not a small amount of witchcraft. 

This time I hear “Climb this tree” and it’s exciting to think of doing so…  until I realize I’m too old to climb trees.  Well but we are in the Spirit realm now it isn’t safe to be a child, right?  I look around and see behind me the Blade is parked, and I hear the familiar sounds of my friends inside having a meeting.   a bunch of kids run out from the ramp and brush by me climbing up into this tree, and I see the fruit light up.   Next thing I know I hear a familiar voice telling me “go join them, I”ll handle business around here,” and I know its time for another adventure.   The Lord, some other high ranking friends and warriors are strategizing aboard the Blade regarding some interdimentional battles that are going to take place very soon.   This tree looks to be one of Wisdom’s and one of the kids comes down, I recognize as Atlanta and throws me a device.   We have all kinds of abilities to control time space and dimetnions, but this does not make us control freaks but rather helps us to engage the wild substance of the Spirit better. 

The further you go into these visions, the more layers of subconscious but also actual interface with another domain you can tap into.  Not wanting to judge the vision I just go forward, taking the device which looks like a wand, and I take a few steps of faith forward, noticing my steps getting shorter and a new kind of giddy thrill welling up within.   I am now set to climb this tree as one of this group of children and the sense of joy and curiosity is now at its maximum. 

I am able to clip the wand to my belt and focus on climbing up into this magnificent tree with transluscent glowing pear-shaped fruits.   I see that the majority of the group of children led by Atlanta is now hunkered down in a fort eating some of the fruit.  I see colors and flashes coming from there but choose to first engage with some of the fruit alone, still adjusting to my new state.  I see words coming from the light coming from the fruit, almost as if the light coming from it contained packets of information.   My ability to mentally process these words has digressed, however unfortunately and I can only make out the letters one by one “F-A-I-T-H” …. I copy them onto my hand with the wand for reading ‘when i grow up’ and take a bite of the fruit, relaxing back into some of the branches of the tree.  The visions that pop up around me are so multi-layered that it’s almost too much.   Places I’ve been, beings I’ve met and treasures recieved all come flooding back, as though I had forgotten all about this place and only now am able to re-engage.

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