Blade Runner 2049 Illuminati Transhumanism Taken to Court!


After my mind being blown by a thousand Illumanist images and incredible possibilities of all that God could do despite what the Devil wants to do, I invited my sister Laura on this video to discuss the transhumanist agenda of Blade Runner 2049.

She lasted about 1 minute, but her answer was telling.  A real human like Laura would be confused by this movie, and after this I launch into a discourse of spoiler thoughts and also not a few tangents.   Below are some of the graphics I used, and if you have any ideas about the transhumanist/ illuminati symbolism in the movie please write in the comment section below!


ADRIFT_working_title_1920_1200_Concept04 (1)Blade-Runner-2049-Poster-USA-02ZZ4F1C300Dblade3Blade_Runner_2049_2040.0Blade-Runner-2049-trailer-breakdown-12statuethumbnail_26562blade-runner-original-replicant-blade-runner-2049-222551Blade-Runner-3-1020x574blade-runner-2049-2Blade-Runner-2049joseph-kim-bladerpitacodemia-BLADE_RUNNER0-870x400 (1)Blade-Runner-2049-Poster-USA-02ADRIFT_working_title_1920_1200_Concept04 (1)pitacodemia-BLADE_RUNNER0-870x400 (1)joseph-kim-bladerBlade-Runner-2049blade-runner-2049-2Blade-Runner-3-1020x574blade-runner-original-replicant-blade-runner-2049-222551thumbnail_26562statueBlade-Runner-2049-trailer-breakdown-12Blade_Runner_2049_2040.0blade3ZZ4F1C300D


16 thoughts on “Blade Runner 2049 Illuminati Transhumanism Taken to Court!

  1. BR49 was abominable in every respect–total NWO mind control loaded with predictive programming and reverse glorification of the most vile possibilities of a dystopian future. At least the original had soaring vistas and a sweeping soundtrack that could inspire young minds, despite the fact that it just barely scratched the surface of the transhumanist dilemna that P. K. Dick explored in the original novel. The six part graphic novel of the original book is the best of the entire oeuvre surrounding Blade Runner. Thanks for the perceptive commentary–it made the experience of watching the new movie somewhat validated! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for watching it, I know it was unedited and rambly but there was so much from this movie I just had to unload. Hopefully someone with more faithfullness to the original story can continue to expand and see the greater vistas of Dick’s novel. It’ll be a while before Hollywood has enough money though… so let’s produce it ourselves some day, what do you say?

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  2. so all these black eyed people – I wonder if it’s a reference to the phenomenon in recent years of the black eyed kids that people like L A Marzulli, have discussed in recent years. I recall one borther in Christ asked Him about them and was told “they are the souless ones – irredeemable”.

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  3. Reblogged this on Gitardood's Weblog and commented:
    I think Mike got the same take on this movie that I would have … and thanks to his synopsis I don’t have to watch it now. I agree that the future as envisioned by the elites of today, their NWO, OWO. or whatever it’s designated, is indeed very bleak – so in that sense to emphasise that life without God, Jesus, HOPE, TRUTH, REDEMPTION, etc is not exactly the dream life that most people envision for their future, to me that is doing a service for those who can pick up on it.

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    1. I always appreciate you brother and your work for the Kingdom. You’re a king in this fight and making it full of Kindness, wherever you go! It’s good to know the stuff the Enemy is trying to promote and then balance it out with what God is doing in our day. Blessings brother!!

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  4. Well Mike, I was looking for something to watch via my android tv box the other night so I sat down to watch BR49. I agree that it’s very dystopian, and bleak. Yes there’s all kinds of trans agenda stuff in it, and occult symbolism. My thoughts: it was a slow plodding movie, that I found hard to keep watching. I thought it relied on gore for plot at times. I thought they must’ve done a real makeup job on Sean Young as Rachel to have her look like she hadn’t aged from the original all those years ago.Whatever the plot line was, it was sure hard to follow l- especially when you’re having a hard time finding it exciting enough to hold your interest.The ending was very unsatisfactory – especially as I assume “Joe” dies on the steps in the snow. This makes the whole story line of the sole objective was to find Harrison Ford’s (Deckard’s) daughter and bring them together with no evidence that it goes anywhere but them looking at each other from opposite sides of the plexiglass or whatever. All in all, not a very good movie.


      1. I didn’t get feedback my titles were too provocative LOL – for my posts on the Tranny in New York Harbour & Outnumbered But They Still Kick Antifa Ass – I figured someone would say something

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      2. posts or videos? I don’t have premium so the vids I include are those that others have on the original posts I reblog – like you and Laurel, Dr. Eowyn, etc

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