The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23

Neville Johnson’s prophecy from last year is coming true.   The Church is in major Dire Straits right now, but that is due to come to a close August 1st.   Then we have other major things going on in the sky, coming this September 23rd.   Come join Kassondra and Daniel and I as we discuss what’s goin’ on and what we’re gonna do about it!


3 thoughts on “The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23

  1. Yes, so much happening right before our eyes! 🙂 What are your thoughts on Shemini Atzeret in 2017? The day of the 8th day of Assembly in America. It is showing up in one of my tables. There is also a sizeable meteor scheduled to give the Earth a close shave that day. Lowest estimates of the approach of the NEO is 3,000 miles.

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  2. Nothing from the scripture will come to pass on 23RD Sept. All the understanding in the book of Revelation can be found in the OLD covenant scriptures. Rev. 12 agrees with Genesis 37: 9-10. Joseph’s dream. Rev. 12 is the birthing of the 144,000. When Satan see’s Yahweh birthing the 144,000, Satan will sin his first and ONLY sin. THEN the war in heaven will commence. Rev. 12:10. Bless you.

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