Ian Clayton Comes to the Fringe!


After years of preparation, at last we have had the awesome honor of contacting Ian Clayton and confirming officially an interview Wednesday morning about his recent encounters with the Holy Spirit as well as his new book on Melchizedek!

Long before I joined FringeRadioNetwork.com, I wrote an article addressing Mr. Clayton asking him to come to the Fringe.  Little did I understand  the significance  of that!  God is doing stuff. . . He’s getting stuff done and is a business man.   What will happen when more folks know about these protocols for accessing the Spirit?  Some new age people I’ve shown the Spirit soul body gates said “OMG… this is Christian  Kabalah!”

Well, this to me means that Ians teachings may just be the bridge for the fringiest fringiest people who would otherwise  express zero interest in the Bible.



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