LOGAN – Illuminati/TFI Notes!

Michael Basham's Mother Ship


The truth is, in recent years there haven’t been any good Illuminati movies. It’s almost like they’ve lost their luster. There’s nothing Lucifer’s got up his sleeve now that the secrecy is gone and the whole plan has been blown out into the open.


Still, in watching the movie Logan I felt something prophetic, close to home, close to my family. Over and over again you hear the word “Family” used and for me that has a very special meaning, when put in context. Back when joining a Christian Fringe group called The Family we used to watch X-Men and tell the teens that this was an allegory to what God was doing in us. As cheesy as those movies were, they did fit the bill as our mission group was declaring that our young people would be the leaders of the apocalyptic future. Did many of The Family’s predictions happen? Yes…

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