Keys Revelation and Power Stones of Marvel

What kind of Bride are you gonna be?  The Lord needs sexy brides in His Army!  Let’s leave the old decrepit church system and get moving with what God is doing today!

Recently I have been meditating on distinct similarities between the so called Power Stones in the MARVEL franchise and the teachings I was trained in in the Family International concerning the Power of the Keys based on the Biblical prophecy.

After listening to me ramble for a few minutes on the subject, feel free to look at the artwork both from the Family and some various Marvel movie moments I’ve “assembled” here.  Recently there has been a great Assembling of the ‘Avengers’ of the Spirit.   Will God once again bring forth the revelation of the Keys Weapon?  You must be a disciple to wield this power.  In the future we will release more teachings on on this whole spiritual warfare series.


The Family International (Children of God before) was training people for a coming World Government during which time God would release great power on the Endtime Church to face the AntiChrist.   Sounds kinda familiar, don’t it?truckloads-of-keys-from-the-kingdomwho-possesses-the-six-infinity-stonesmarvel-infinity-stonesAA019970tesseract__stock__by_sheridan_j-d561aek5076433-avengers_tesseract2012the_infinity_gauntlet__by_joker2947-d7y0h2pe2bae47995f5da18a0073a31df811f89b1393ecainfinity-stones-44



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