Make Everything Great Again!


With the populist uprising, what about the awakening of the rest of the spheres of culture?  Let’s pray the CIA-induced ugly art gets tackled and flushed down the toilet finally!

I infiltrated a Taiwanese art university filled with modern monster marvels, and went on a long ramble on the nature of our world slowly coming back into consciousness and realisation of God’s love and beauty vs. the disgusting demonic system.


In other news, I had a dream of being on Mars and had the chance to look at some Jason Westerfield wild n’ wierdness stuff.  Just another normal day in the life of a Basham.


This was followed by an interview with Emmy, a disciple in England plus this morning’s Saturday Night Firing Lines with Douglas Dietrich. . . and tonight will go live with Johnny of the Iron Show followed by tomorrow afternoon again discussing the nature of the Antarctic German bases!   WHEW DOGGY DOO!!!


2 thoughts on “Make Everything Great Again!

  1. Whew, doggy doo, Michael! You’re cray-cray, bro. I love it 🙂 Let’s make EVERYTHING great again!

    I’m taking my neighborhood back for the kingdom – it’s a beautiful historic neighborhood in my city, but run down because of urban flight to the suburbs.

    I also started reading the Praying Medic’s books so I’ll be goin’ to the courts then taking a trip overseas in the spirit….maybe even to Taiwan!

    Thanks for all you do! I enjoy your posts and videos very much…

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