SpiritWars 000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program Part 2

In this second part Mr. Dietrich finishes unpacking his testimony regarding the occult Michael Aquino influence on the Super Soldier program and moves into the little-known Secret Space Program.

Guest site:


The full unedited show with added bonus music can be found either on Youtube or Spreaker:



time-stamps (coinciding with unedited version)

42:30 – Interview Starts

1:05:00 – Tesla killed himself because he was declared enemy of US and was going to be put in an internment camp

1:53:00 FDR big communist

2:07:00 FDR made United Nations which views all the world as a war-zone, 3 weeks and 3 days after pearl harbor

2:27:00 American atrocities at invasion of Okinawa, biggest fleet ever in history and only to invade the small island. More Okinawans killed themselves to avoid the torture then the number of people who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Allies were not good guys (not talking about Hitler here, about Asian axis like Taiwan)

2:52:10 – Human experimentation at medical center on base

3:02:00 Why talk about all this negativity

3:10:10 Time Travel

3:37:00 – Time Distortion

4:14:00 – Douglas was the inspiration for data of star trek next generation because Michael Aquino suggested it

4:36:00 Spaceports and Antarctica and large caverns spanning entire globe.


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