The SpiritWars Broadcast to Infinity

Hello there!

Welcome to the KeyBlade-wielding Disciple’s Spiritual Warfare-Weapon Equipping Mother Base!

With respect to the professional podcasters over at Fringe Radio Network, I am setting up this site to provide a more decent and organized collection of both the SpiritWars episodes and the occasional KeyBlades youtube channel video.

With the recent honor of reaching out to Douglas Dietrich, Robin Main, and Jerry Lee “The Manifester Yada” as well as Chris Tyreman of the Chronicle Project, not to mention countless others, we will be doing our best to making things look halfway decent around here for the new searcher of the Fringe Christianity that is overtaking the internet!  This is your day and your hour to enter into the Spirit War.  Will you come along?  You are sorely needed!  I hope to invite new podcasters along, but until then you are welcome to help us blog over at the WarriorsWithoutBorders site.


Michael Basham


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