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Tomorrow we interview Dr. Chuck Baldwin. What would you ask him?


The Book of Enoch and the Canonicity of Scripture

This paper will argue to explain the reasons the Book of Enoch was not included in the Canonization of the Bible. Outline E-Nugger: A History. I. Introduction During the explosion of information sharing in the last two decades, a very intriguing extra-Biblical book has become more and more the subject of interest among open-minded Christians … Continue reading The Book of Enoch and the Canonicity of Scripture

The Big Picture on AIDS and Same-Sex Marriage

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This is a response to the below thread:

In this era, same-sex marriage is recognized as a human and civil rights issue, thereby making this topic a political, social, and religious concern. Moreover, it seems that we must accept this model of same-sex marriage, at least to a certain extent, to be relatively proficient in a legislative modification to the marriage laws, such as a court ruling based upon certain constitutional guarantees, or a direct popular vote, or initiatives and/or referendums. Moreover, the notion that two people of the same-sex claim they are in love and intend to marry seems to be an issue that is exceedingly common and widespread according to the reports of individual jurisdictions around the United States who are posting their statistical finding concerning these particular issues. The primary allies of same-sex marriage are human rights and civil rights activists in addition to the medical and…

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Michael Basham's Mother Ship

WE’RE  STARTIN’ A GO FUND US 2 GET 2 HAWAII 2 GET MARRIED AND 2 TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!  Read below and share 4 details 4 Heaven and Earth’s sake!

UPDATE: The Lava is beginning to flow towards the power plant now, please pray!

Here is the rough outline of what we’re going to do:

Jennifer and Michael Basham’s Volcanic Missionarriage:  “Fringe Wedding 0000001”  

As a podcaster-missionary based out of Asia for over 15 years and now working with the Fringe Radio Network, Michael Basham and Jennifer Rimel are looking forward to getting married, and then heading over to the place Trump declared as a national disaster recently  where around 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after Kilauea started spewing lava into residential areas.

So far, 22 fissures have opened up and around 40 structures, including two dozen homes, have been burned.

If we can reach our goal…

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