Dreams of Heavenly Arrows and Setting People Free

I saw a giant arrow full of stars in the sky above, exactly like an augmented reality app. The entire arrow was chock full of stars, much more than the above illustration. Then there was a car full of my dear friends and family who are trying to get out of Taiwan. . .  we … Continue reading Dreams of Heavenly Arrows and Setting People Free


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Michael Basham's Mother Ship

WE’RE  STARTIN’ A GO FUND US 2 GET 2 HAWAII 2 GET MARRIED AND 2 TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!  Read below and share 4 details 4 Heaven and Earth’s sake!

UPDATE: The Lava is beginning to flow towards the power plant now, please pray!

Here is the rough outline of what we’re going to do:

Jennifer and Michael Basham’s Volcanic Missionarriage:  “Fringe Wedding 0000001”  

As a podcaster-missionary based out of Asia for over 15 years and now working with the Fringe Radio Network, Michael Basham and Jennifer Rimel are looking forward to getting married, and then heading over to the place Trump declared as a national disaster recently  where around 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after Kilauea started spewing lava into residential areas.

So far, 22 fissures have opened up and around 40 structures, including two dozen homes, have been burned.

If we can reach our goal…

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Rapid Succession of Guidance Miracles Report

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

Sometimes God speaks rather suddenly in rapid succession and you have to keep careful note.  This is one of those times, and these are some of those notes, including a video that puts it all together in a nifty and spicy way:


The word “Property” was confirmeded while listening to Benjamin Baruch go on about discipleship earlier today.


My Wife (who I shall legally also marry as soon as I can get to Hawaii) and I claimed this moments ago:

We claim our inheritance as ordained lovers and soul mates.

What we know belongs to us —   we claim it.   We declare that it does begin flowing to us out of acceleration right now. 


I outstretched my hand towards Hawaii —— I declared across the ocean that we would receive abundant miracles.  “I declare across the ocean, towards the East to my Wife!”

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World War on Child Kidnapping Announced by POTUS! Abductors & Pedophiles Beware!

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

As I am in the midst of an intense struggle to maintain moral and integral high ground amidst the melt-down of my former friends in TFI-COG (The Family International, formerly known as the Children of God) cult wherein my daughter was illegally taken from me, a light has broken through the clouds.  This light will look like darkness to many.   Those who are in the midst of confusion and nastiness and the church spirit will not know what to do.  But just as Trump has announced a total war against international child kidnapping, it seems all around me heroes are arising.   Men and women of all generations are directly speaking to me and deciding to take the side of the women and the children rather than some group or ideology.

True religion is this- you stand up for the women and the children.  Period.  

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